Michelle + Ben

Michelle + Ben

Michelle and Ben's big day was full of romance, elegance, and style. Finding our way to the Michigan shoreline swept us away, leading to magical moments wrapped up with love. These two were amazing to watch, as their day unfolded you could just see the excitement grow in each other as they knew they were at last husband and wife. 

How to Rock your Boudoir Session!

   It's time to gear up for Valentine's day, the time of red roses and chocolate treats. But why not practice the sexiest accessory out there! CONFIDENCE!  Whether or not you have a significant other or not this year, it's always a great time to practice some self love!

     Self love and celebration is something we all struggle with, no one feels 100% confident in their skin all the time. But it's something we can all take the time to work on, and have fun while doing it! Self love isn't about getting to that "perfect" body, it's about appreciating what makes you- YOU! Those small freckles on your shoulders, the color of your hair when the sunlight shines through, or that smile that light ups a room. I am so humbled that my job gives me the opportunity to highlight those very details in people. I aim to create environments that spark confidence and comfort in my clients.

But let's be honest, booking a session and baring it all for a photographer can be more than a little nerve racking! But trust me the butterflies you'll get will soon turn into confidence! We'll make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to concepts and comfort levels. Take it from a previous client:

Coming into the session, I was a little nervous and didn’t quite know how it would go. A glass of wine definitely helped calm my nerves! Playing some music helped put me in a fun, playful mindset. I was glad I had several outfits and accessories to choose from and got some input from Devin on what would look the best. I chose to get my makeup and hair professionally done, with a mani/pedi, to make the day extra special. These details helped me feel more confident during the process and were noticeable in the end result.

After my session was done, I felt like I could conquer the world! I could’ve walked out of that studio with my arms raised high, swinging my hips as I sashayed down the hallway. I felt like a million dollars. 😁

The reason I chose to do my boudoir shoot was that it was my first Valentine’s Day being single in a while and I wanted to do something special for myself. I wanted to reclaim that sexy, strong woman I knew was inside. To radiate that long-lost confidence again. It was the most empowering experience I’ve had as a woman so far.

Tip #1

Tailor your session to your style.

Don't be afraid to get creative, bring some new outfits you want to try out, such as new lingerie or perhaps some new pumps!  It doesn't hurt to also bring a few pieces that already make you feel confident! Like your Boyfriends oversized shirt, or those jeans that highlight your booty! Not everyone goes full commando in their sessions, It's more about creating images and a look that makes you feel sexy. That could mean, creating a whole other persona who loves wears a pink wig and high heels, or perhaps getting cozy with a nice cup of coffee and a good book.  

Tip #2


Treat-yo-self.  Now is the perfect excuse to get a mani/pedi with a friend, or get a Brazilian blowout at the salon.  Take some time before your session to celebrate this journey, perhaps get your make-up done professionally or do an at-home face mask!

Tip # 3

Confidence is Key

This can be one of the more challenging steps in a boudoir session. But once we get jamming and find our groove you'll start to shine! But the best advice I can give is, Fake it till you make it. Honestly. Practice your superwoman pose, hold your head up high and the confidence will follow. I promise, that paired with how much fun you'll have strutting your stuff will result in some fantastic images. 

I am SO stocked for this time of the year to bring back my Mini Boudoir Sessions all day on JAN. 20th! Although I offer boudoir sessions year round, this is a great chance for you to take advantage of the discounted rate just in time for Valentine's day! I'll be shooting all day with some lovely ladies, each with their own 45 min session tailored to their style. We'll enjoy some mimosa's and snacks while jamming to your favorite tunes! Only a few spots are left so be sure to reserve yours today! 

Each time slot includes 45 mins, 15 digital images, and your own private viewing gallery to choose your favorites! 

2017 Wrap Up

2017 Wrap Up

This year has been filled with such love and amazing couples I had to share some of my favorites!

A Thanksgiving Reminder

I rarely blog personal posts, but when I do it's because my heart is in it and I want to share a part of my own story. Over a year ago, I was among the many who watched from the comfort of my home as a militarized police force tried to kill and unlawfully remove unarmed peaceful water protectors.  My heart couldn't take it, my mother and I packed the car with donations and headed to Standing Rock. Baring witness to such injustices in person was an experience that shook my world. Attacks on those who were often simply praying for protection of our natural resources, praying for the brave souls who stood their ground against an evil, and even prayed for those on the other side of the line who cause so much harm and damage to the Natives. I want to make something very clear, these were peaceful protests. Upon entering the camp no weapons, drugs or alcohol were allowed, this was a camp of prayer. In return of holding their ground, on their very own land "given" to them by the US Government they were met with unnecessarily cruel retaliation. Such as water cannons in freezing temperatures,  rubber bullets from point blank distance, destruction of sacred property, to just name a few. I could go into grave detail about the amount of cruel ways DAPL and our government treated people who had the right to protest but I encourage to do your own research. 

Fast Forward to today and we've had a gas line explosion in Michigan,  a massive oil spill in South Dakota, a shoreline in southeast TX filled with gas and oil refineries, spilling unknown chemicals in great amounts into our ground, ocean, and air.  At the expense of our land, our water, our air, the natural resources that all the money in the world could not bring back if we continue down this route. 

That's what the Water Protectors were and still are trying to put a stop to. The needless destruction and greed. When we have the support from our fellow citizens, they lose their power to silence us, to manipulate the narrative, and to instill fear. When we fill our hearts with love and our minds with conviction, when we stand by one another and build each other up, when we work together in true solidarity, change is possible. Although this is only a small contribution towards a much bigger problem, I will be opening my print shop with images from my time in Standing Rock. All the proceeds will go towards the Native American Heritage Association , which helps those who live on reservations in the South Dakota region get the supplies and programs they need. This post was not meant to be "political" or to instill guilt during the holiday season, but rather to be informative and to encourage Independent research of your local natural resources. We must stand for those who don't have a voice. Mni Wiconi!! 

Chelsea + Jason Intimate Elopement

Chelsea + Jason Intimate Elopement

This small town wedding did not disappoint, check out Chelsea and Jason's intimate elopement in New Harmony, Indiana.