Maggie + Alex

Every so often I get the chance to work with family and the question of weather or not to hire me as a photographer, or have me come as a guest comes up. My answer is always: If I get the chance to document your love, trust me I get the best seat in the house! And it couldn’t be more true for Maggie and Alex’s wedding. This intimate ceremony limited to close family only enhanced the sense of love and support that gave me chills on more than one occasion. Growing up with Maggie, she was always so kind, and generous but always had a great sense of humor! One that shines through in their in home engagement session . It was her vibrant personality that attracted Alex, and when they had their first date at a friend’s wedding , he know his prayers had been answered. Now coming full circle as they exchange their own vows. This Downtown Grand Rapids Wedding was full of love, class, and beauty.